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Alex Clemmer is a computer programmer. Other programmers love Alex, excitedly describing him as "employed here" and "the boss's son".

Alex is also a Hacker School alum. Surely they do not at all regret admitting him!

MSFT open sources production serialization system written partially in Haskell

January 09, 2015

Bond is a performant serialization system developed and deployed across dozens of mission-critical, high-scale infrastructure projects internally here at Microsoft.

Today the technical lead, Adam Sapek, is open sourcing the project on GitHub under the very permissive MIT license.

Since there is going to be no official MSFT announcement, I would just like to point out that the Bond compiler is written in pure Haskell. To repeat: MSFT has written a nontrivial part of a major technical initiative in Haskell, and open sourced it.

I’m very proud to have contributed (a small amount of) code to Bond, and in particular I want to acknowledge Adam and the project dev manager Chad Walters for having accepted both the technical risk and spearheaded the effort to push it into open source since before either idea was popular internally. It is an example of an attitude that I see increasingly often around here, and I hope it keeps up.

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